terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012

Stop complaining! Study!

Sometimes we realise that some people learn faster, speak better, and even have a perfect pronunciation than others,  but you have to be be sure that this has much more to do with dedication (obsession) than talent, there is no such a thing of talented (gifted) person to learn a foreign language, everything that exist behind a fluent person is a great obsession and hard work.
When you start learning a foreign language you should start free of prejudice, any language is any language, the right attitude is open your mind to acquire new pieces of information, there is no such a thing of difficult language, what we have are languages from different families, if you speak Portuguese you can easily learn Spanish or even Italian, the same is true if you speak German so Dutch will not represent a great difficulty, even Russian is not so difficult if you speak Ukrainian or even Polish. So, stop giving the excuse that the language X or Y is very difficult, the problem is not the language you are learning, but how big is your determination to learn it.
Best wishes,
Jimmy Mello

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  2. I so agree about determination. Each language is beautiful and expresses the nation's unique worldview. I had to learn Dutch in order to get job in the best cv writing company and though all 6 years in school I had Dutch, eventually I knew maybe 100 words. And then I went from that to nearly free speaking on general matters just in 6 months!

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