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domingo, 12 de março de 2023

Let's learn how to learn Hebrew (or any other language you wish).


Maybe you have already thoughor even wondered about learning a language, but due to your school bcakground you failed or do not believe that you can really learn a language. You are right, YOU CANNOT, following your past experiences you will only learn about the language, schools are good places to teach "things", i.e. you can learn about Geography, History and even the Grammar of your own language, but you can't learn another language that way, at schools you can learn about Spanish language, but not speak Spanish, afterwards you didn't go to school to learn your mother tongue, why shoul you do so with a foreign language? Nonsense, isn't it? 
Am I stating that Foreign Language Schools are useless? Nope! There are good teachers who can bring back this atmosphere and help you to aquire the new language. There are plenty of good books about such topic and for sure each one will give you some priceless tips and strategies, if someone can do something you can reproduce the strategy. There's no such a thing of mixing methods, there are only whole methods which must be followed as they are, as for instance if you choose The Pimsleur Method go through it till the end, or Benny Lewis' Day One Method follow it, in other words methods will work providing you stick on them until the end, not necessarilly till master the language, but till the end of the chosen method. Trust in each method till the end of the method, most of them will take you to A2 or B1 level, and an important point to be aware is that, even with only one method it can be focused on 1 or 2 skills, and thus you should have other ace on the sleeve. As for instance Pimsleur is focused on listening and speaking, so maybe Assimil can complete the other 2 skills. 
During this paper I will share with you some strategies to learn a brand new language for me, Hebrew, despite being the author of several teaching books, I cannot use it (at this very moment) to learn Hebrew just because there is no Mello Method Hebrew available, so even being exprerienced on learning languages I'm a complete beginner in Hebrew, including the brand new alphabet. So, let's start from 0 and reach A2-B1 level following this method/strategy. 
It's like a cake recipe, follow and you will get your cake, oops, your new language.
Recipe to learn Hebrew:

- Learn the alphabet: watch this video three times, each time practicing activelly, with the intervals of 2 or 3 days among them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk1njVL723w&t=75s
Done? Are you sure? Ok, now let's move on, but just to ensure and give yourself time to practice, the next step will be availabe in 3 day's time. 

Best wishes!
Jimmy Mello
Polyglot, Linguist and Polyglot

sábado, 11 de março de 2023

Life, Languages and Love


Maybe you thought language learner and polyglot communities have simply vanished, I'm proud to say that you are completelly wrong. It'd be just the oppposite, we are more and better than ever before. No barriers exist anymore, you can get access to the best minds, brains, authors, polyglots, linguistics and so on.  If you have already heard about some polyglots such as Benny Lewis, Richard Simcott, Jimmy Mello, Judith Meyer, and other great others... they have been working and learning languages. As language lovers we quite believe that "comma" means "small pause", and the global pandemic was this "comma", now 2023 every one will be back, online and offline. It does not mind if you are in Japan or Uruguay, now you are part of our community, "Polyglots (the community) as on Facebook. 

You can for sure carry on your sole work, learning by yourself (we do this as well), but together we are stronger. Life, Languages and Love could easily be the next book or film as in Eat, Love and Pray, and each one will be starring this film. If you were born before 90's you have a brand new world just in front of you, but if you're after 90's you are at home, but it really does not matter your age, it does mattter your love and commitment with languages. Some years ago, we used to have 4 seminars one for each season, but online we can virtually have them on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. You do not need a lot of money, but a strong desire to get connected with great brains. It has nothing to do with religion, but a deep encounter with your inner being thru people who share the same passion: languages.

My whole life, literally since I was born, languages are part of my life, and share this passion with others is really my passion. Languages have literally saved my life, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Be with us during our presential events and if you cannot, please, consider being an online friend. It's almost free, and even if you cannot afford the organizers will be happy to help you. Our main goal is to spread the love and passion for languages. They will change your life bringing you back self-confidence, open the world wider, making new friends, learning more about your brain and possibilities.More than 20 events have already happened, but now we are online and it does not matter where you are, only be with us. Polyglots are unique and "crazy", let's gather together. Be with us online during Polyglot Gathering Online or/and Teresin (Poland), there will be no difference only deepness. I'm looking forward to meet you both online and in person.

See you soon. 

Private archive: Jimmy Mello (left) and Benny Lewis (right)