domingo, 11 de março de 2012

The Master key to learn a foreign language

To learn a foreign language it is really important to have passion about what you are learning, that is, it is essential you have not only a real need, but you need to be in love for what you are learning at this moment, there are some people who really put all their attention in the grammar topics, in the pronunciation, and really study at home after each lesson at a language centre or with a private teacher, but at the end of the first six months they cannot speak not even a single sentence by their own, what are they doing that is not correct at all? They need, they study, they are intelligent, but even with all of this they do not reach their real aim. What is wrong?
The answer is that they have only dedication, and dedication is not what is required to learn a foreign language, dedication can be important in many other subjects, but not for learning a language.
You need passion about what you are doing, but even passion will not be enough, the master key is obsession. If you are not obsessed to learn the new language you will fail terribly, or even take years and years to be able to speak the very basic of it.
If you think you cannot have obsession for the foreign language the moment you start learning it, give up!
I really know we have other things to do in our daily life, but if you insist in doing the same things you have been doing until now and still be able to real learn a foreign language, I am so sorry to inform you that this is craziness. There is not such a thing of effortless learning, but there is a thing called "pleasant obsession", if you are really in love for what you are learning and if you use use a right system all you need will be obsession.

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  1. It's true. Today, I see English everywhere I go ... This is passion, is not it?