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sexta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2012

Overcoming your language barrier by posting your own video in the foreign language

One of the languages that I have been studying recently is the Russian Language, it is a really interesting and rich language, despite of its apparently difficulty. I have tried some short conversations over Skype, and definitively it is harder the listening than the speaking ability, so at this very moment even with some mistakes I decided to post this first video, just to show you the speaking abilities, after watching it i found out some declinations mistakes, but I preferred neither edit nor change it, so I simply add and opening and that's it, and you know what? just by doing a video and by posting it I felt more confident about it, I do not know how or why, and I really know that it can be some psychological thing, but it worked for me, so I am sure it will work for you. When you see yourself in a video is like if you were seeing a third person, so you let out of you all your prejudices and afraid to make any mistake. When you post a video this is like taking a load out of your mind. If you come across a foreigner speaking your mother tongue ad he/she committed a mistake would you think he/she is an idiot for not knowing properly the grammar or would you say he/she was a courageous person trying to be polite and learn your language? Obviously the second answer, so why do not you try right now to make your own video in the foreign language you are learning, and after that share it in your social network and here in the comments here in the blog, I am sure your friends and family will be amazed to see your improvement in the language, and you will be admired by them all, and above of all you will give your first step towards your real fluency. Let's do it, I challenge you! It is your opportunity to try something really worthy in your language learning process.