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Are there polyglots only in Europe?

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Are there polyglots only in Europe?

Russia - Mexico - Brazil - Japan - India - China - ETC...

From a point of view this is almost unfair.
Every day I receive a new follower and several fans. I really do not understand why we are seeing only a small “selecting” group organising things in the "language comunity" by themselves, oops, it´s not like this, they ask comments (and for sure donation) but never take them into consideration. Besides the European group there are several polyglots in North America, Latin America and Asia. Why should we give our attention only to the Europeans? Are they smarter than the rest of us? In fact they have an advantage: they have as their next country neighbors the native speakers of the language they are learning, (skype is not the same as face to face) and from this point of view this is almost unfair. A real merit should be given to polyglots from monolingual big countries like Mexico, USA, Russia, China and Brazil. In big American and Asian countries we do not have human language resources, and we do not have contact with natives, except in large touristic places, like NYC, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow and Tokyo.

Are there Polyglots in the rest of the world?
Have you ever seen any publicity about the great Mexican group? And How about the Russians? There is a genius Russian Polyglot, called Dmitri Petrov - a polyglot that has in his portfolio of over 30 languages and a TV reality show about learning languages, have you ever heard about him? NO. And do you know why? Because there is only a small group that maybe is a afraid of sharing their “fame”, with the rest of the world. This is a group that is really talented in languages and is now trying to become its members international celebrities. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not! They are doing their very best for themselves.

Why the other polyglots do not do anything?

I am not absolutely sure, but I dare say that we, with our tendency to be colonialists and accept “the good” example from the old continent simply admire them as they were idols. We become very happy with the crumbs of attention we receive from them. If we are not a close friend of one them we will be ignored, or being very positive we will be accepted as their “facebook” fan or only follower, but without interaction. SORRY to some of you,  there are some exceptions to this rule.



Ok, we have an important issue here, so what should we do next?
Follow their example obviously (lol, lol, lol). POLYGLOTS from the rest of the world, and even the Europeans that are not a part of the “select” group, let’s gather together.  Let´s do a real language community, not putting them out but also strengthen their community in other directions. Instead of creating several groups and blogs how about one shared blog, where everyone can write his/her own experience and methodology. Why should we expect a virtual or real conference be organized? Let´s do one ourselves!The best moment is right now! Bilingual, Trilingual, Polyglots, or hyper polyglots. Let´s share our experiences, even if you have mastered one language you already have a great merit.

The things have been changing since the first time I published this post. 
Here we have some extra things: after "Polyglot Gathering 2014" in Berlin, many people started to "appear" in the language learning community, the organiser Judith Meyer was very open to receive different topics, languages and people in the gathering, and being like that, and some anonymous from different countries could be seen and listened. In the upcoming year (2015), there will be a conference in NYC, I really hope to see more people there: Brazilian, Mexican, Canadian, Argentinian, and why not Russian, Japanese, Chinese and other nationalities. Will the European attend to the "American" conference, or will they wait for the next one in Poland?  Get out of of box! Come to the new continent and get new perspectives.
Looking forward to the next one.   

We are only doing a perfect job right now from where we are, but no-one knows about it. A good job without support is like sending a kiss to a person in a darkroom: you know that you sent, but nobody else knows.

Send me an e-mail, let us start doing something: EVERYONE is welcome!
Jimmymello (at) gmail (dot) com   or even jimmymello (at) brazilianpolyglot (dot) com

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