sexta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2012

Learning Arabic in Brazil in three months? If he can, anyone can!

Jimmy Mello (Brazilian Polyglot) & Benny Lewis (Irish Polyglot)
Last month I met with one of the greatest internet polyglots, Benny Lewis - The Irish Polyglot, he is famous for his polemic but full of precious tips web site, the Fluent in Three Months, maybe it is polemic because of the clamming that it is possible to speak fluently in three months, but if you knew the routing of this guy, you would certainly believe in his words and acts. In fact everyone with a great amount of dedication can learn in a hurry, there is no magic, but only hard work. During our informal meeting, Benny told me his experiences and adventures in the field of language learning, then I could definitively realise that he devotes his lifetime to his missions, and despite of the fact that he is not looking for perfection, he has a perfect Portuguese, because our meeting was entirely in Portuguese.
Benny, came to my city in in Brazil, Belo Horizonte, to learn Arabic, and the curious thing is that there is virtually no Arabic speaker in my city, and this called out my attention, but after a while I understood perfectly well Benny's aim, many people tend to believe that if you do not live or pass a long time in the country where the language is spoken you will never learn the foreign language, but Benny is trying to prove us, and will get, that this is not a real thing, it is just another myth in the field of foreign languages. You can learn any language, anywhere, the most important factors are YOU and YOUR HABITS. I have previously written an article about "stop complaining" , and it is exactly what I am going to tell you before finishing this article: stop complaining, if an Irish man can learn Arabic in Brazil, you can learn any language, anywhere at anytime, turn off your computer right now and STUDY!
Thanks Benny!

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  1. It's nice to see two wellknown internet polyglots meeting up! Three weeks ago I myself had my third polyglot meeting, so I understand well how much fun it is to exchange language learning experiences from person to person.

    Cheers to both of you!

    Kind regards,


  2. The reason Benny is such a controversial figure is really down to his tendency to insult or belittle anyone who disagrees with him. Unfortunately he's not willing to discuss things with anyone, which is a lost opportunity for him and for the rest of the internet language learning community.

    His advice is very vague, because he isn't consciously aware of his own learning process*. It seems to me that he can't admit this because he views it as a weakness -- it is not a weakness, it is a strength. Once we learn to accept that our knowledge is limited, we can start to address our own weaknesses. And we can't be of much help to other learners until we do that.

    * Most people who are very good at what they do aren't aware of the process they actually follow. I'm quite good at walking, but I wouldn't be able to tell anyone else how to do it.

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