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Língua Terapia

Hello there,
The post of today is quite amazing:
Is there a step by step to learn a foreign language? What can a person do if he/she is not fit for languages?

Well, in order to get the answer of this questions we have to discover first how people learn, but I am sure that you are not interested in such definition, specially because this is not an easy matter to discuss and besides it is too much academical and not really practical. People will try to convince you that to learn anything you have first to discover and establish a certain protocol, I am not absolutely convinced on this, but about one thing I am sure, it is that not everybody has the same natural skills, but I am also sure that they with some easy procedures everyone, yes, everyone can learn a language. I know people who are frustrated about how hard it is, and I also know that hundreds or even millions of people fail in learning a foreign language, but what is the problem? Can a person easily overcome this?
The answer is definitely, YES. People do not fail in learning a language, they fail in dealing with their personal problems, they fail in managing their own lives. If we look closely to the reasons we will see things like:
-I have no time;
-I am too old;
-I am so shy to speak to other person;
-I get frustrated easily;
-I am so anxious;
-I have a terrible memory;
-I think I am not good enough and will never be;
-I have failed before and I know I will fail again;
-My work consumes too much time and energy, so I have no energy to study;
-and so on.
As we could see, this are not linguistic problems, the fault for the lack of success is not lying on the language itself, it is lying on you, and on how well you deal with the world. Together with an other specialist in languages, teaching and therapies, I developed a new way of teaching languages, a way in which you will not only learn a language, but in which you will deal with the obstacles that are in your life, buy that you have only noticed in the language field. If there is an obstacle between you and your learning success, you only have to take it out for you to reach your aim. This method has been developed for more than 5 years, but only now it is ready to reach the world and show its real potential. It is called "Língua Terapia" which means something like "The therapy through the language", it is a protocol based on modern and ancient theories that when they are put together produces amazes results on people's lives, and together with it, a new language.
In the next posts I intend to show you some techniques that will help you, right there where you are to get the results we have been obtaining in our school.

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  1. I'm not 100% convinced. It's easy to claim people fail because they're not putting enough effort in, but it's hard to prove.

    I recall reading a few months ago about the notion of people being "born computer programmers", a notion supported by multiple studies that showed that only people exhibiting certain preindicators ever succeeded in learning to code. But another paper was cited where someone taught them differently, and suddenly everyone could do it. The difference in technique was to construct a "human computer" scenario, where people had to respond to machine-like instructions. It made them reason through the concepts that they otherwise wouldn't have grasped.

    So while methodology is maybe too big a subject to go into on your blog, it's not something that can just be swept under the carpet....